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Club information

When can you fence?

We train several days a week. But remember! Evere academic year, the hours of the training sessions can change, for up-to-date information, it is best to consult the online agenda (soon, also in full english) for the hours and the location.

Wednesday Sportkot (1)
18u - 19u Students (beginners)
19u - 20u Students (beginners)
20u - 21u Students (advanced)
Thursday KHL gym (2)
19u - 20u Miniemen and kadetten: competitieschermers met eerste graad ARAB
20u - 22u Junioren, senioren and veteraren (les). The previous group can fence freely.
Saturday KHL gym (2)
09:30u - 11u Poussins, Pupillen, Miniemen and Cadets 1 and parents of theese youngsters
11u - 13u Cadets 2, Junioren, Senioren and Veteraren

The group Cadets is divided into two teaching groups:

  • Cadets 1: 1ste- en 2nd- year
  • Cadets 2: 3de-year and thoose cadets which are selected by the teacher

Where do we fence?

There are two fencing locations: the gymnasium in the 'sportkot' (1) and the gymnasium of the KHL in Heverlee:

De Nayer - SportkotWoensdag

Sportkot te Heverlee

Spiegelzaal in het De Nayer gebouw van het Sportkot,
Tervuursevest 101,
3001 Heverlee

KHL SporthalDonderdag & Zaterdag

KHL Sportzaal te Heverlee

KHL Heverlee Unit 4 (turnzaal),
Kerspelstraat 70,
3001 Heverlee